(Page Six)
by Dana Countryman


We're getting close to being done now, friends!

There are a couple of design things that I'd re-do, if I could. One is, that the Input and Output markings are a little close to the
physical jacks. I purposely left the washer off, when I mounted the jacks here, to leave more space for reading the words on the panel.

Also, the "R. OUT" and "L. OUT" should have been reversed. Oops. [Hey, I work in healthcare...!]


Carefully put your new module into your synth. With all the stuff sticking out the back, it takes a bit
of adjusting, but it's not too difficult to get the panel to fit. For the power, I already had a hole drilled
in the back of my cabinet, and it was a breeze to thread the plug-end of the wall wart in from the back,
and into the module.


I fired it up, and it sounds great!!
I think it was worth the effort to do all this.
I'm sure I'll be using this delay effect a lot, now that it's more convenient, AND it's a real module in my 66-space system.

[One note: I made one change to the pot wiring. I ended up reversing the leads to the "Time" pot,
so it would get FASTER, as I turned the knob to the right, and SLOWER, while turning it to the left.
It apparently was wired the other way on the original guitar pedal, from the factory.]


Hope you enjoy your "new" module for Dotcom!