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Girlville! , (featuring Mary Chris Henry, Kathy Hettel and Tricia Countryman)

It's Not Your Fault, (featuring Kelly Harland)

I've Run All Out Of Tears, (featuring Lisa Mychols)

My Heart Belongs To One Boy, (featuring Lisa Jenio)

How Do You Know When You Love A Boy?, (featuring Tricia Countryman)

I'm In Love With George Harrison, (featuring Molly Felder)

Bom Sh' Bom Sh' Bom, (featuring Julie Johnson Sand)

Pretty Good Sign, (featuring Kathy Hettel)

Because I Love Him, (featuring Andrea Perry)

Chemistry, (featuring Kathy Hettel)


Jealous Girl, (featuring Andrea Perry)

One Last Dance Together, (featuring Molly Felder)

Love Till The End Of Time, (featuring Kelly Harland)

Little Shy Boy, (featuring Julie Johnson Sand)

Proud To Be His Girlfriend, (featuring Lisa Mychols)

Twist Party At Granny's House, (featuring Kathy Hettel)

I'll Be Good For You, (featuring Tricia Countryman)

Little Bitty Snowflake, (featuring Lisa Jenio)

Johnny Still Loves Me, (featuring Tricia Countryman)