Finally Available! Amazing Pink Things' CDs!!

Fear of Underwear CD - our only STUDIO recordings!
      Pink Things' fans have been asking for this for YEARS!! It's the CD version of our famous cassette, completely remasterd for CD in pristine digital clarity! These 1987 studio recordings features Maureen McKenna, Tami Martin, Robert Overman and Dana Countryman. Features our "hit" record: "Hal and Lulu"!
      Mastered for CD by Otis Fodder. Mixed by Bill Carrico and Dana Countryman in lovely Oakland, CA.

      Here's the track listing:
      (Click on a blue track number to hear an mp3 sample!

      01    Nuclear Surfin' (Countryman)
      02    One More Minute (Yankovic)
      03    Male Model (Countryman)
      04    Food Commercial (Countryman)
      05     Guess I'm Elvis' Love Child (Countryman)
      06   The Times Square Dance (Gonyea)
      07    We're Just Too White (Countryman/Shaffer/Guest)
      08    Hurt Someone's Feelings Today (Devon)
      09    Provin' My Love For Jodie (Countryman)
      10   The Hal and Lulu Chorus (aka "Hal and Lulu") (Handel/Countryman)
      11   If You Wanna Get to Heaven, You Better Come Up With The Cash (Countryman)
      Bonus Tracks!:
      12   Embarassing Disco (Countryman)
      13   Chinese Love Song (Henry)

Live at the Hilton - Seattle, WA 1988

For the first time EVER, a LIMITED EDITION CD of a live Pink Things performance is available!

The 23-track CD showcases an entire Pink Things performance from the height of our glorious career.
It was recorded LIVE at the Hilton Hotel in Seattle on April 8th, 1988, and features classic Pink Things tunes, as well as plenty of
stuff we never recorded on our FEAR OF UNDERWEAR album...

Mastered for CD by Otis Fodder

The CD features Robert Overman, Brenda Sonnier, Tami Martin and Dana Countryman as THE AMAZING PINK THINGS....!

Here's the track listing:

01 We're Our Own Opening Act (Countryman)
02 Stuff You're Probably Thinking (Countryman)
03 We're Just Too White (Countryman/Shaffer/Guest)
04 The Times Square Dance (Gonyea)
05 Songs O' Pain (Roberts/Smith/King)
06 One More Minute (Yankovic)
07 The Birth of Hawaii (Henry)
08 Skin (Sherman/Adler/Ross)
09 Embarrassing Disco (Countryman/Jones/Wright)
10 Baroque Help! (Lennon/McCartney)
11 Windmills Of Your Mind Blues (Legrand/Bergman/Bergman)
12 Male Model (Countryman)
13 Chinese Love Song (Henry)
14 Young Americans (Warrender)
15 Provin' My Love For Jodie (Countryman)
16 TV Themes Medley
17 It's A Blue World
18 You Broke My Heart In Three Places (Taylor)
19 The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun (Brown/Coffee/McNalley/Colcord)
20 A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Sherman/Sherman)
21 You Light Up My Life (Brooks)
22 More (Ortolani/Oliviero/Newell)
23 The Hal and Lulu Chorus (Handel/Countryman)

Both CDs area available for a measly $20 each, which includes shipping (USA and Canada -- other countries, please write in for shipping costs.)
These CDs will NOT be available forever, so you'd better act now!

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Think Pink!

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