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This issue features:

Jean Jacques Perrey


    This issue marks the first time an artist has appeared on the cover of Cool and Strange Music twice! The great Jean Jacques Perrey first graced the cover of C&SM #4, and we feature him once again in time for the arrival of not one, but two albums of new material!

    Read this exclusive and very in-depth interview that editor Dana Countryman conducted with the maestro while in Paris. It's essential reading on this living legend, covering his entire career and highlighting his various collaborations with Charles Trenet, Harry Breuer, Angelo Badalamenti, David Chazam, and of course, Gershon Kingsley. You don't want to miss it!


The Hardly Worthit Players - Boston Soul

    While Senator Robert Kennedy was positioning himself for a 1968 presidential run, a topical comedy troupe seized the opportunity to send a few laughs up the charts. Utilizing the talents of Kennedy impersonator Bill Minkin, the Hardly Worthit Players found success with humorous interpretations of popular hits by the likes of the Troggs and Donovan.

    In addition to the Kennedys' famous Boston drawl, they had fun with the voices of Bob Dylan, Lyndon B. Johnson, and William F. Buckley, Jr. Gary Weinraub tells the story of this short-lived group and shares some personal memories of seeing them live in 1967 as part of Murray The K's live extravaganza Music in the Fifth Dimension!

PAMS Classic Radio Jingles

    For those who listened to Top 40 radio throughout the '60s and '70s, the customized station ID jingle is often as memorable as many of the hit songs that surrounded them on the air.

    PAMS, or the Production Advertising Merchandising Service, specialized in these syndicated radio spots and cranked out a seemingly endless series of engaging and often very innovative packages. Ken R. takes us behind the scenes to learn about this overlooked aspect of radio production, including the various aural gimmicks that were used (like echo and reverb, the Moog synth, and the Sonovox)!

Mort Garson - Electronic Hair Pieces MORT GARSON

    Amidst the glut of Switched-On knockoff albums in the late 1960s and early '70s, Mort Garson took the Moog synthesizer into the dark corners of psychedelia and the occult. He crafted such albums as Electronic Hair Pieces, The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds, and the highly sought after Wozard of Iz.

    This adventurous output was just a portion of his talents and came after a successful and varied career in music. Julian West takes a look at the many moods of this Juilliard-trained arranger, composer, and Moog visionary!

El Vez


    After witnessing the rise of Elvis Presley impersonators during the 1980s, art historian and ex-punk rocker Robert López decided to add his own Latino experience to Elvismania.

    Reinventing himself as El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, his persona takes the later Vegas-period King south of the border and mixes in shades of Prince, James Brown, and David Bowie as well. Learn the story of this wild character as Don Charles profiles the past fifteen years!


Arthur Lyman - The Legend of Pele

    The late Arthur Lyman was one of the leading lights of Exotica music during the 1950s and early 60s, and along with contemporaries like Martin Denny and Les Baxter, he popularized the laidback lounge vibes that filled Polynesian supper clubs and tiki bars across the nation.

    He released over 30 albums and became a fixture on the turntables of hi-fi enthusiasts looking for a musical taste of the island cultures. Jeff Chenault penned this tribute that celebrates the legacy of the "King of the Jungle Vibes."

The ED KAZ KOLUMN: 45s! Rock Hudson Sings Pillow Talk

   The humble seven inches of vinyl on an old 45rpm record have been known to contain cooler and stranger things than a full-length LP. Their teasing brevity, intriguingly minimal packaging, and affordable price make 45s an irresistable gamble for the adventurous listener. Join C&SM's Ed Kaz as he dips into his own box of treasures and pulls out a handful of unusual sides to examine and marvel at!


    For travelling record hunters who find themselves in Oklahoma City, the pickings can seem pretty slim. But Rod Lott lays out the best places to head when you're shopping for sounds!


    Famous in Cool and Strange circles for such groundbreaking late-'50s albums as Fantastica - Music from Outer Space and Sounds in the Night, Russ Garcia has enjoyed an impressively varied and active career in music.

    He's worked with such greats as Stan Kenton, Henry Mancini, Julie London, Oscar Peterson, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torm&eacute, and Quincy Jones. Frank M. Young interviews Mr. Garcia and discusses various milestones from his many years in the business.

Modern Artist Profile: PUFFY AMIYUMI Puffy AmiYumi

    Since 1995, the female pop duo Puffy have become cultural icons in Japan. Under the guidance of producer Tamio Okuda, their unabashedly joyful and incredibly infectious music has sold millions of records and spawned Puffy dolls and toys, clothing, and even their own variety show on TV.

    Nicholas D. Kent delves into the twosome's colorful world as they prepare to invade the States (where they're billed as Puffy AmiYumi to avoid confusion and legal hassles with rapper Sean "Puffy" Combs). Get familiar with one of Japan's most entertaining musical exports!

The Squirrels - Scrapin' For Hits COPYCAT RECORD COVERS


    This issue's Cover-Mania! Photo Spread is a gallery of double-take album art, courtesy of Pete Hilgendorf's collection! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery with this array of classic album cover parodies and tributes!

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