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Ami de Jean Jacques


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Iím Arnaud Boivin, working in the music business in France. Use tu be a record digger for life and dj.... Also runned Gotan Projectís label for 6 years. Now doing my own company where i run label on freelance service + doing Music Supervisor for films and advertising.

   Tell us how you have known Jean Jacques

I knew JJ thanks to his music but get in touch with him thanks to the Incredibly Strange Music Books where he published his address in Vichy at the time...

   Tell us your first meeting

We first spoke on the phone... Which was kind of really surprising for me!!!! but then we met in a restaurant... I canít remember which one it was but i was like 18...

    Tell us how this meeting and working with Jean Jacques has changed your life, what it gives to you everyday

He asked me to help him work in France, i knew the people and then we did a few things over the years together.... But he introduced me to a lot of people and that was an incredible thing being involved with an early electronic artist at the time when French Touch started!!!

   Tell us what is your favourite title of Jean Jacques and Why

not a particular track , i really love ìCadmus le robot de líespaceî which is an amazing story read with electronics in the background... So JJ!! iím also really fan of Gossipo Perpetuo... On which i used to teach kids how to listen to music..

 If you have an anecdote...

Once we were in Radio Nova for an interview and the main guy there Loik Dury to who i was talking to said ìoh youíre here with JJ Perrey... Cool but heís dead!!!î and then JJ came out of the toilet saying ìHellOOOOOO!!!î so funny!!!

  You can finish by some words to Jean Jacques

JJ, you change the music for its whole history, you changed our lives... Live long!!!! and hope to be there when weíll ask speaks to dolphins!!!
huge love