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Compositeur et ami de Jean Jacques

I'm chazam, ex forthcoming popstar from France. I write music since I'm a kid,
obliged to do it, because I could never learn properly to play any instruments.
Since them, I invent my own instruments, and then, nobody can tell how bad I
play them....

Once, about 15 years ago, a friend of mine gave me a tape. On that tape was the
track "EVA", and some other cool funky numbers.
A few months later the same friend stole my girlfriend, but that's another

That was the first time I heard about Jean Jacques's name.
Then I found in an underground and very good bookshop in Paris (Paralleles)
the "incredibly strange music" research issue written by V Vale.
I then discovered two more tracks of him (Bumblebee, Gossipo perpetuo)
I loved them more than EVA.

I took the word of Jean Jacques seriously. He would say that he was opened to
any propositions for new projects.
I took a day in a bar, rue de Turenne, in Paris, to write him a nice letter, and
to propose him to work, sent him a tape. I thought I would never have any
answer. But it was cool to try. I do that sometimes with people I like.
Surprisely, I had a simple answer one month after : "how, where, when ?"
We met, one month later in a bar near Gare de Lyon, in Paris.
After, he came to my place, that was almost a legal squat in Bordeaux, and we
started the work on our album.
I was lucky : I think I was the first guy to send him a CONCRETE proposition.
And he certainly also appreciated the fact I was living my life as a passion for

We started the project without any help, contacts I had with labels were very
useless (except to increase my anger towards those idiots).
Album was done with "les moyens du bord"*, and I wanted it as an homage to the
master, and his recording methods... In that manner, it was good to do it as we
did it...

My favourite track of him is "Chronophonie", from MP2000 compilations : we used
to have it as a jingle on french television when I was a kid, it was very cute.
I think that after the first meeting we started to be real good friends.
We rarely spend one week without a contact indeed.
Jean Jacques has so many nice stories to tell, I believe only half of them, but
I love them all !!! Kidding...

Jean Jacques definitevely helped me to be more confident with melodies, and the
poppy side of my own creation. I would not compose like I do now, without him
and his friendship.

Jean Jacques, you are my "grand'pËre spiritueux"* for ever ! (* : hard to
translate in english