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Complice de Jean Jacques



My name is Gilbert Sigrist and I live in France. I've known Jean Jacques since 1965, and we have been great friends and have collaborated together on many projects.

 Tell us about your first meeting

We met while he was working in Manhattan, and I was orchestra leader for Gilbert Becaud. I went to rent some instruments, and I saw his name on a door of his studio. I knocked, and  we became instant friends, or even brothers. He demonstrated his Moog and Ondioline, and his compositions. Jean-Jacques introduced me to a new kind of music. His Ondioline, and Moog fascinated me. His ease in composing, and his great talent for melodies is also amazing.

  We recorded together in NYC with Andy Badale/Angelo Badalamenti at Studio Vanguard.   

He opened me up to new sounds and ideas in music. He was AVANT-GUARD, and  he changed my conception of music.

 Tell us what is your favourite title of Jean Jacques and Why

 My favoite titres are BERCEUSE FOR A BABY ROBOT et VOL DU BOURDON. that he did by pasting et cutting by hand.

 Jean-Jacques is a real showman  and magician with words, and with music, onstage and in his life.   

 You can finish by some words to Jean Jacques

Dear Jean-Jacques,

I donÝt see you often enough but you are always present in my heart, and when I play Dynamoog on stage you are there with me.

Bise mon fr╦re



PS Bonjour Toi