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Ami de Jean Jacques et auteur d'un album


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My name is Luke Vibert,age 34, and I live in the UK

- Tell us how you have known Jean Jacques

We made a record together under the name 'moogacid'
and have played some shows together, in London and

- Tell us your first meeting

April 2001 [I think] in Paris with David Chazam and
Jon Tye. We talked lots, ate well, and played around
with musical instruments in David's studio, which
became the basis for the moogacid album.

- Tell us how this meeting and working with Jean Jacques has changed your life, what it gives to  you everyday

Well,I had admired JJ as a fan's for years. I always
felt a particularly close link to him through our
shared passion of electronic music which is
'intelligent' but not too serious! I felt incredibly
lucky just meeting him, but the fact that we could
work on an album together was amazing! And he was so
friendly, interesting and down to earth that the whole
experience with him has been a joy.

- Tell us what is your favourite title of Jean Jacques and Why

Gossippo Perpetuo - my favourite song of his, and it
just fits the title perfectly...

- If you have an anecdote...

sorry - tried to think but just lots of lovely

- You can finish by some words to Jean Jacques

Hi Jean Jacques. I would like to say "thank you so
much" for all your wonderful music over the years; it
has helped me, excited me, amde me laugh - you name
it! And an enormous thank you for spending time with
me and Jon, and injecting your magic touch into
'moogacid' ! You are a truly original artist and
thinker, and it is such a pleasure to know you >< Love