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Ami de Jean Jacques

  I w 

Hello it is me Remco from Berlin, the dutch guy who brought you to Berlin
for the club transmediale festival, being fan for almost more years than i am
old and than could meet you on this wonderful evening! Still donąt know how
to beat that night! As you know i moved 9 years ago from Holland - the Hague
to Berlin but now you have been also in my old hometown.


-     Tell us how you have known Jean Jacques

Oh, that is a tough one, for sure somewhere in my childhood
i have been listening to JJP tracks. or at least moog music.
Than in the late 80s I started to collect records of him.

-     Tell us your first meeting

I met JJP by writing an email to invite him for a concert in Berlin.
And it worked out! Picked JJP up at the airport for the festival, he arrived alone
but I was together with a friend who is also called Remco, so that
was very funny Remco & Remco with Jacques in the middle.

-     Tell us how this meeting and working with Jean Jacques has changed your life, what it gives to you everyday

a lot!, first it was like somebody only saw on a picture, read interviews
from by f.e. Cool and Strange Music and of course listen to the music.
Than we met and that changed me really, what a special person. I donąt know
anybody like him, being so happy and spreading such a good atmosphere around.
I now can understand why the music is so strong positively working.
It always changed my a lot since i heard his music but since we met i am hoping
to see each other again but daily live makes it a bit hard. Time flies!

-     Tell us what is your favourite title of Jean Jacques and Why

really hard! many tracks have different context and could be on number one!

-     You can finish by some words to Jean Jacques

Dear JJP!
A happy happy happy birthday!
I hope you are doing really fine and I really hope we can meet again
this year. It has almost been 2 years ago that we saw each other.
your big fan and friend

Remco from Berlin