Please visit some of my favorite Web Sites!

Vinnie Bell
My fantastic guitar magician friend, who played on all my Vanguard albums.

Gilbert Sigrist
My very talented friend, who is a fantastic pianist and arranger!
We worked together on "Moog Indigo" and "Circus of Life," among other projects.

David Chazam
My good friend David and I collaborated on the BASTA CD "Eklectronics."

Morgan Fisher
Morgan is a super-talented keyboard player (and instrument collector!) A great friend, too!

Dana Countryman
My buddy Dana and I have just released a new CD! Dana is also my webmaster!

Joe Lacey
Joe is the artist who did the fantastic cover for my new CD, with Dana Countryman,
"The Happy Electropop Music Machine." Check out his other artwork, too!

Mal Meehan
Mal is my official videographer, and is working on a DVD about my career.

History of the Ondioline (French text only)
Dig deep into this site, as there's an Ondioline demo record there for downloading.

Moog Music
My late friend Bob Moog's company, are still making great electronic music products.

Switched-On Radio
London's on-line radio program features many shows
about electronic music, including a whole show about mine!

This is the website of my friend, UK based performance artist,
musician and theremin-player Hypnotique.

Thelonius Moog
This is a fantastic album, and a new way to approach jazz using synthesizers! This CD will please jazz fans.