"Dana Countryman's latest musical album project
'GIRLVILLE' is phenomenal. The melodies and lyrics,
with the arrangements are absolute perfection.
'GIRLVILLE' is pure pop bliss."

- Michael McCartney
Time Machine Radio Host

"Dana Countryman's 'GIRLVILLE' is one of the freshest,
most absorbing, fun albums I've heard in a very long time!
I think more than a few feet will be tapping to these great songs. This is quite simply a fantastic album!"

- Alan Haber,
Pure Pop Radio


"If the band name The Cookies means anything to you,
you will love this album. Dana Countryman has gone
'60s-girl-group-crazy! I hear influences of the Ronettes, Shirelles, Shangri-Las, Supremes, even Leslie Gore.
The songwriting and especially melodies are top-shelf.
This is a welcome labor of love for a genre that is
criminally overlooked these days."

- Probyn Gregory
The Brian Wilson Band


Dana Countryman's "GIRLVILLE!" album perfectly captures
the feel of a more innocent time. Beautifully sung by some of
the best female vocalists today, "GIRLVILLE!" is a collection
of songs that will work their way into your heart and keep
you singing all day.

- Adam Waltemire
Pop Garden Radio



"There isn't one bad song on “GIRLVILLE”, and if I had
to pick a favorite, I couldn't... If you are a fan of pop music,
and of the girl group style, you'll love this album."

- Donald Rehrer








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