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A fragment from Pièces de Ondioline (Hans Kockelmans)
Angelique For 3 Ondiolines (Jacques Chailley)
Ondioline Demo Record
Ondioline Violin
Jean-Jacques Perrey’s original Ondioline solo from the
1952 Charles Trenet’s hit recording of L'ame Des Poetes
(The Soul of the Poets)

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Mesdames Robert & Campiche and Darius Cittanova
play the Ondioline at the 1958 World Fair, Brussels

A5. Ondioline Narration
A6. Maurice Bagot - Suite Op.59 (for 3 Ondiolines)
B1. Gustave Samazeuilh - Musette (for Ondioline)
B2. Darius Cittanova - Chants Pour Les Eternites Differentes (for Ondioline)
B3. Jacques Chailley - Angelique et Ballet Divertissement (for Ondioline)
B4. Jacques Casterede - Eolus (for Ondioline)
B5. Outro Narration

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