"I think ‘The Joy Of Pop’ is Dana Countryman's best album yet, song-wise and packaging-wise. Good songs, good harmonies, and nice chords.
He should be very pleased!"

- Gilbert O'Sullivan,
Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter

"Dana Countryman is a one-man Brill Building!"
- John Borack, Goldmine Magazine

"Once again, Dana Countryman has delivered a true record of pure pop bliss! You will be taken on a journey that will have these songs stuck in your head for the rest of your life!"
-Michael McCartney, host of radio's "The Time Machine"

"It is a crime that a pop talent like Dana was born in the wrong decade. Nearly every song on this album would have seen major radio play in the '60s and '70s. Who cares if it's retro, or that it wears its influences on its sleeve -- this is QUALITY pop, as any fan of the genre can avow."
- Probyn Gregory, The Brian Wilson Band

“ ‘The Joy Of Pop’ is the brightest sunshine you will hear all year!"
- Adam Waltemire, host of radio's Pop Garden Radio

" 'The Joy Of Pop' is Sunshine pop, full of bubblegum and rainbows!
Dana Countryman is a treasured talent! Pure magic!"
- Aaron Kupferberg, Power Popaholic weblog

"The Joy of Pop" has arrived, and is out now! What can be said is that this is the finest release by Dana Countryman yet. And this is probably the best CD release to start with if you are new to his music. We are talking about the pure "Have A Nice Day" kind of pop that was so prevalent during the 60's and 70's on top 40 radio. This music breathes of purity of youthful happiness. Perhaps it is a melding of Beach Boys meets Beatles meets Partridge Family meets Jan and Dean meets Edison Lighthouse. But whatever you call it...The Joy of Pop truly lives up to it's name. Drink this pop in and it could truly become your daily happy hour. It's the top of the pure pops!
- Jeremy Morris,
JAM Records

""Check out Dana Countryman's new album of well-crafted pop songs. I enjoyed it, and you will, too."
-Ronnie D'Addario, legendary songwriter

" 'The Joy Of Pop' is nothing less than a joy. The album is a master class of melodic pop songwriting that features some of his most expansive compositions and arrangements.
It is a joy to listen to from beginning to end."

- Alan Haber, host of radio's Pure Pop Radio