1954 •

Dana Countryman born.

1971 •

Begins writing songs at age 16.

1973 •

Starts first band at age 19 in Detroit - "The Sparklers" - a Beatle copy band.

1975 •

Moves to Hollywood, where he wrote hundreds of songs.

1979 •

Starts band "The Swingaires" in Lynnwood, WA, modeled after the Manhattan Transfer.

1985 •

Starts band in Seattle, WA - "The Amazing Pink Things" - a comedy cabaret vocal group.

1986 •

The "Pink Things" become a hit with Seattle audiences, and after a year, a Californian agent and a theatrical producer bring them to San Francisco, where they also charm critics and audiences.

1987 •

The Amazing Pink Things appear twice on Fox Television's "The Late Show with Arsenio Hall". fg

1987 •

The Amazing Pink Things are the opening act for singer Crystal Gayle at the Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa, CA.

1987 •


The Amazing Pink Things perform their show in Hollywood, and get to hang out with celebrities such as Judd Hirsh, Clevon Little, Weird Al Yankovic and Dr. Demento. They appear on television shows with stars such as Fred Willard, Sarah Jessica Parker, The Williams Brothers, Mario Van Peebles and Edie McClurg. They get to meet musical stars such as Mark Hudson, Margaret Whiting, Richard Carpenter, Peggy Lee, Stan Freberg and Dave FrishberT

1987 •

The Amazing Pink Things appear on The Jerry Lewis Telethon, The A&E Network, scores of television stations, and countless radio programs.

1988 •

The Amazing Pink Things sign a 7-year contract with a prominent New York manager.

1988 •

They appear in concert in various clubs, cabarets and theatres in Nevada, Oregon, California, Alaska and Washington State.

1989 •

The Amazing Pink Things appear as themselves in a television commercial for the American Cancer Society. dsf

1989 •

The Amazing Pink Things sing the National Anthem at a Seattle Mariners game.

1991 •

The Amazing Pink Things disband.

1991 •

Dana marries former Amazing Pink Thing member Tricia Meier.

1993 •

Starts jazz vocal group "Moonlight Express" in Seattle, who play local hotels, conventions and parties.

1996 •

Dana and Tricia's son Matthew is born.

1996 •

Dana creates print publication "Cool and Strange Music Magazine", and for 7 years he is founder and editor.

2003 •

Dana sells the magazine, and buys a huge "Moog" analog synthesizer.

2003 •

Dana travels to Paris, France, where he records a tune with legendary synthesizer pioneer, Jean-Jacques Perrey.

2005 •

Perrey and Countryman form a musical partnership, and begin co-composing music together.

2006 •

Perrey and Countryman release "The Happy Electropop Music Machine", their first album of crazy, cartoony synthesizer music for Oglio Records. sdf

2006 •

Perrey and Countryman perform concerts in America: Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

2007 •

Perrey and Countryman perform concerts in Germany, England and Norway.

2008 •

Perrey and Countryman release their second album "Destination Space" on Oglio Records. gdfsgd

2008 •

Perrey and Countryman perform their final concerts in New York City and Montreal, Canada. sfs

2009 •

Countryman invents the Martenot String Controller for Modular Synthesizer. ert

2010 •

Countryman releases solo synthesizer album - "Moog-Tastic!" for Oglio Records. fghd

2010 •

"Moog-Tastic!" is nominated for a Grammy Award.

2010 •

Perrey and Countryman tune is used on episode of Comedy Central's "South Park". dfthyert sdsd

2010 •

Countryman writes book on the life of Jean-Jacques Perrey, published by Sterling Swan Press. srgsg

2012 •

Dana and Tricia Countryman record and release jazz vocal album, "In Harmony". fghf

2013 •

Countryman releases first album of "retro vocal pop", "Pop! The Incredible, Fantastic Retro Pop World of Dana Countryman". asd

2014 •

Countryman releases "Pop2! The Exploding Musical Mind of Dana Countryman". xvx

2015 •

Countryman releases "Pop3! Welcome To My Time Warp!" dfg


Countryman releases all-girl vocalists' album, "Girlville" dfg

2017 •

Countryman releases "The Joy Of Pop" dfg