King Sisters Discography
by Dana Countryman


With Horace Heidt & His Orchestra ; (A-Side/B-Side)

Brunswick 7916 Hot Lips/The Bells Of St. Mary's
Brunswick 7920 Gumbay Drums/Oh Marie, Oh Marie
Brunswick 7927 It's The Natural Thing To Do/The Moon Got In My Eyes
Brunswick 7939 Love Is On The Air Tonight/Lovely One (As the King Sisters)
Brunswick 7946 Intoxicating Rhythm/Little Heaven Of The Seven Seas
Brunswick 8021 There Is No Goldmine In The Sky/Shenanigans
    (A-side by Larry Cotton/B-side by Yvonne King)


Brunswick 8043 Sweet As A Song/Half Moon On The Hudson
Brunswick 8048 Toy Trumpet/The History of Sweet Swing
Brunswick 8073 How'dja Like To Love Me/I Fall In Love With You Every Day(As The Kings)
Brunswick 8074 Heigh-Ho/I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (As The Kings)
Brunswick 8078 Ti-Pi-Tin/Shack In The Back Of The Hills (As The Kings)
Brunswick 8107 John Peel/Donkey Serenade (As The Kings)
Brunswick 8125 Little Lady Make-Believe/Who Do You Think I Saw Last Night? (As 'The Three Kings')
Brunswick 8138 Ferdinand the Bull/Oh! Ma-Ma (As The Three Kings)
Brunswick 8148 When They Played The Polka/ Chop Fooey
Brunswick 8162 Sugar Blues/Ridin' To Glory On A Trumpet (As The Three Kings)
Brunswick 8179 The Little Drummer Boy/There's A Brand New Picture In My Picture Frame
Brunswick 8184 This May Be The Night/I've Got A Date With A Dream
Brunswick 8248 Dardenella/In The Good Old Summertime (A-side is by 4 Jacks and 4 Kings)


The following were recorded with Alvino Rey & His Orchestra (except where noted): A-Side/B-Side


Bluebird B-10512 A Bee Gezindt/My Wubba Dolly
Bluebird B-10545 In The Mood/Irish Washerwoman
Bluebird B-10590 Give A Little Whistle/Holy Smoke
Bluebird B-10603 Hot Gavotte/Run, Rabbit, Run
Bluebird B-10660 Chop Fooey/Sometimes I'm Happy (w/Buddy Cole & Orchestra)


Bluebird B-10690 Cielito Lindo/The Sailor With The Navy Blue Eyes
Bluebird B-10733 Six Lessons From Madame LaZonga/Sadie Hawkins Day
Bluebird B-10764 Oh Behalf Of The Visiting Firemen/Poi, My Boy, Will Make A Man Of You
Bluebird B-10746 A Lover's Lullabye/Java Jive
Bluebird B-10834 The Call Of The Canyon/Fifteen Minute Intermission
Bluebird B-10856 Ferryboat Serenade/I'll Get By
Bluebird B-10930 I Used to Love You/Don't Go In The Lion's Cage Tonight
Bluebird B-10948 St. Louis Blues/ Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Bluebird B-10958 I'm Looking For Someone's Heart/ The Voice In The Old Village Choir


Bluebird B-11002 Tiger Rag/Rose Room
Bluebird B-11041 Nighty Night/My Prodigal
    (A-side by Yvonne King / B-side by Alyce King)
Bluebird B-11055 Whatcha Know Joe/Miss Otis Regrets
Bluebird B-11099 Where The Mountains Meet The Moon/Perspicacity
Bluebird B-11122 My Sister And I/I Understand
Bluebird B-11136 Everything Happens To Me/Hindustan (A-side by Alyce King)
Bluebird B-11143 Oh, For Heaven's Sake/? (Vocals by Yvonne King and Skeets Herfurt)
Bluebird B-11151 Where You Are/I Take To You (A-side by Alyce King/B-side by Yvonne King)
Bluebird B-11154 The Hut-Sut Song/Music Makers
Bluebird B-11170 If It's True/Saturday Night (A-side by Yvonne King)
Bluebird B-11184 Back In Your Own Backyard/I Dreamt I Dwelt In Harlem
Bluebird B-11196 It's Yours/Kiss The Boys Goodbye (B-side by Yvonne King)
Bluebird B-11209 Love Me A Little, Little/Sand In My Shoes
Bluebird B-11238 How Green Was My Valley/A Drowsy Old Riff (A-side by Alyce King)
Bluebird B-11239 Yo Te Amo,Oh! Baby/A Rose And A Prayer
Bluebird B-11252 He's 1-A In The Army/Having A Lonely Time t
Bluebird B-11272 Don't Take Your Love From Me/Jealous (Both sides by Yvonne King)
Bluebird B-11279 Moonglow/Slap Slap
Bluebird B-11317 Bi-I-Bo/Minka
Bluebird B-11331 Idaho/It Isn't A Dream Anymore (A-side by Yvonne King/B-side by Alyce King)
Bluebird B-11349 Rose O'Day/Jack And Jill
Bluebird B-11353 Santa Claus is Comin' to Town/Jingle Bells (B-side by Glenn Miller Orch.)
Bluebird B-11381 Feed That Eagle/Around And Around She Goes (A-side by Yvonne/B-side by Alyce)
Bluebird B-11391 Deep In The Heart Of Texas/I Said No (B-side by Yvonne King)
Bluebird B-11398 Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat/We're The Couple In The Castle
Bluebird B-11404 Not A Star In Sight /Liebestraum (A-side by Alyce King)


Bluebird B-11420 Sing Your Worries Away/How Do You Fall in Love?
Bluebird B-11431 Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry/'Tis Autumn
Bluebird B-11444 I'll Never Forget/If I Could Only Play A Concertina
Bluebird B-11448 Blue Shadows And White Gardenias/Sing Me A Song Of The Islands (A-side by Alyce)
Bluebird B-11461 Smile For Me/Do You Miss Your Sweetheart?
Bluebird B-11472 When the Roses Bloom Again/Hey! Zeke
Bluebird B-11476 The Army Air Corps Song/Little Hawk
Bluebird B-11501 Picnic In Purgatory/I'm Glad There Is You (B-side by Alyce King)
Bluebird B-11511 Oh, How I Miss You Tonight/Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
Bluebird B-11517 Music 'Till Dawn/My Buddy
Bluebird B-11522 Jersey Bounce/Heavenly Hideaway
Bluebird B-11555 My Devotion/Conchita Marquita Lolita Pepita Rosita Juanita Lopez
Bluebird B-11566 Kalamazoo/Over The Rainbow
Bluebird B-11573 Strip Polka/The Major And The Minor
Bluebird B-11576 I Came Here To Talk For Joe/Gobs Of Love
Bluebird B-11579 Dearly Beloved/I'm Old Fashioned (B-side by Alyce King)
Bluebird B-11582 Daybreak/Kille Kille
Victor 27407 Bless 'Em All /Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (Vocals by Barry Wood & The Four King Sisters)
Victor 27920 He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings/The Ferris Wheel ( A-Side by Alyce King)
Victor 27936 Keep Smilin'/The Singing Sands Of Alamosa
Victor 27948 When It's Moonlight On The Blue Pacific/I Never Knew (B-side by Yvonne King)



No recordings made due to musicians strike


Bluebird 30-0821 I'll Get By/Behind Those Swingin' Doors (B-side by Spike Jones)
Bluebird 30-0822 Mairzy Doats/It's Love, Love, Love
Bluebird 30-0824 San Fernando Valley/Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet
Bluebird 30-0826 I'll Remember April/Don't Take Your Love Away From Me (B-side by Yvonne King)
Bluebird 30-0829 The Trolley Song/ My Heart Sings


Victor 20-1631 Accentuate The Positive/Kind Treatment
Victor 20-1633 Candy/Saturday Night (w/Buddy Cole & Orchestra)
Victor 45-0000 Yah-Ta-Tah, Yah-Ta-Tah /Take Me In Your Arms(w/Freddy Martin Orch.)
Victor 20-1672 A Tender Word Will Mend It All/Sweetheart Of All My Dreams (w/Buddy Cole Orch.)
Victor 20-1686 The Atchison, Topeka and The Santa Fe/Call Me Darling, Call Me Sweetheart, Call Me Dear
    (w/Buddy Cole & Orchestra)
Victor 20-1719 Poor Lenore/No Can Do (w/Buddy Cole & Orchestra)V-Disc 474 Call Me Darling / Yah-Ta-Tah, Yah-Ta-Tah      (2-song A-side by The King Sisters)
         He's Home For A Little While/Good, Good, Good  (2-song B-side by Anita Ellis)


Victor 20-1884 Chiquita Banana/Pin Marin (w/Buddy Cole &Orchestra)
Victor 20-1903 Pickle In The Middle/Isle Of Capri
Victor 20-1943 Coffee Song/Stone Cold Dead in the Market (w/Billy May & Orch.)
Victor 20-2018 It's A Pity To Say Goodnight/Divorce Me C.O.D. (w/Buddy Cole & Orch.)
Victor 20-2044 My Honey's Kiss/You, So It's You (w/Billy May & Orch.
Victor 20-2045 Everybody Kiss Your Sweetheart/A Man Is A Brother To A Mule
Capitol 15344 Nighty-Night/The Continental (A-side by Yvonne King)


Capitol 15388 Yuk-A-Puk/I'm Beginning To Miss You (Vocals by Andy Russell & The Four King Sisters)


Mercury 5431 I'll Get By/Some Days There Just Ain't No Fish
Mercury 5449 Everybody Knows You By Your First Name/Happy Feet (H. Geuer Orch.)


Allied 5025 Walk It On Down/Keep Cool


Capitol 57-701 Paddelin' Madeline Home /Washington And Lee Swing
    (Solo by Marilyn King andJimmy Joyce) (Alvino Rey Orch.)
Capitol 57-644 Cheek To Cheek/Strummin' On The Old Banjo (B-side by Marilyn King)

Questionables: (Not sure if they really exist...)

Bluebird? ? It's Easy To Remember/Idaho (w/Buddy Cole & Orchestra) ?
Bluebird? ? It's Easy To Remember/Idaho (w/Alvino Rey & Orch.) ?
Bluebird? ? Dreamer's Lullaby/Penthouse Serenade (w/Buddy Cole & Orchestra) ?

16" Radio Transcription Discs
(Only used for radio airplay - never sold to the public.)

Armed Forces Series H-3 Radio Dept. 143 W/ Piano Accompaniment (Buddy Cole) 'Personal Album' 1941y
    (Songs: 'Shoo-Shoo Baby', 'The Man I Love', 'My Heart Tells Me', 'Paper Doll')
Armed Forces Series H-3 Radio Dept. 232 W/ Piano Accompaniment (Buddy Cole) 'Personal Album' 1941
    (Songs: 'I Understand', 'My Prodigal', Nighty-Night', 'Rosie The Riveter')
Standard Trans. P-141 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1941
Standard Trans. P-172 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1942
Standard Trans. Z-137 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1942
Standard Trans. Z-138 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1942
Standard Trans. Z-148 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1942
Standard Trans. Z-149 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1942
Standard Trans. Z-168 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1942
Standard Trans. Z-169 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1942
Standard Trans. Z-170 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1942
Standard Trans. Z-171 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1942
Standard Trans. Z-185 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1942
Armed Forces Radio & TV Service P-688 w/Alvino Rey Orch.
Armed Forces Radio & TV Service P-323/324 W/Charlie Spivak Orch. ?
Capitol A-5/6 WBuddy Cole's Four Of A Kind 1946
Capitol A-19/20 W/Eddie LeMar Orch. (Pseudonym for Buddy Cole Orch.) 1946
Capitol A-27/28 W/Hal Derwin Orch. 1946
AFRS #134 Mail Call 1946?
Capitol B-25-26 W/Frank DeVol Orch. 1947
Capitol B-27/28 W/Frank DeVol Orch. 1947
Capitol A-61/62 W/Alvino Rey Orch. (A-61) W/Buddy Cole Orch (A-62) 1947
Capitol B-133/134 W/Frank DeVol Orch. 1947
Capitol B-135/136 W/Frank DeVol Orch. 1947
Capitol B-279-280 W/Frank DeVol Orch. 1947
Capitol B-309-310 W/Frank DeVol Orch. 1947
Capitol B-333-334 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1948
Capitol B-443/444 W/ Buddy Cole's Four Of A Kind 1948
Treasury Dept 587 W/Alvino Rey (Guest Star Program)
Allied 597 Here's To Veterans 1957
Allied 674 Here's To Veterans (w/Alvino Rey Orch.) ?
Armed Forces Radio & TV Service P-5269-70 W/Alvino Rey Orch. 1958
Armed Forces Radio & TV Service P-5885 W/Alvino Rey Orch. (Most of 'Imagination' LP, plus 3 of their singles' sides) 1958
Treasury Dept 813 King Sisters (Dodie Stevens/Marni Nixon/The Eligibles) 1962

LP's (Long-Playing albums - 33 1/3rd rpm

Century (No Number) Memoirs Of A King
    (This very rare LP on red vinyl was apparently a private 'demo' of segments taken from their 78s for promotional purposes. Probably produced by their manager to send to prospective performing venues.)
Capitol T808 Aloha 1957
Capitol T919 Imagination 1958
Capitol T1018 Just For Variety, Vol 16 (1 cut: 'Beyond The Reef') 1958
Stars Int'l RAM-1-R Magic Circle (Various stars intoducing their records, including The King Sisters) 1958?
Capitol ST1205 Warm And Wonderful 1959
Capitol T1333 Baby, They're Singing Our Song 1960
Warner Bros. WS1426 Remember The Night, The Girl, And The Song (1 cut: Yvonne solo: 'Nighty-Night') 1961
    (Note: This a new recording, not from the Bluebird 78)
Capitol T 2397 TV's Wonderful King Sisters (Mono) 1966
Capitol DTT 2397 TV's Wonderful King Sisters (Duophonic) 1966
RCA Camden CAL-929 The King Sisters In The Mood (Mono) 1966
RCA Camden CAL-929 (e) The King Sisters In The Mood (Electronic Stereo) 1966
Spinorama M-170 Starring the Magic Voices of the King Sisters (Mono) 1966
Spinorama S-170 Starring the Magic Voices of the King Sisters (Stereo) 1966
Warner Bros. WS1647 The New Sounds of The Fabulous King Sisters 1966
Spinorama S-177 The King Sisters 1967
Capitol/Custom SA 700 The Answer Is Love 1970
RCA/Custom RR1S Readers Digest Presents 'The Great Band Era' (I cut: 'San Fernando Valley') 1972?
RCA/Custom RD4-21-2 Readers Digest Presents 'The Swing Years' (I cut: 'Tiger Rag') 1972?
RCA/Custom RD4-71-2 Readers Digest Presents 'Gaslight Varieties' (I cut: 'Heart Of My Heart') 1972?
RCA/Custom RD4-84-1 Readers Digest Presents 'Sentimental Journey' (1 cut 'Frankie And Johnny) 1972?
RCA/Brookville DPL2-0119 Great Girl Groups, Vol. 2 (Various Artists) 1974
RCA/Brookville DLP 2-0068 The Great Groups
    (3 RCA/Bluebird cuts by the King Sisters: 'Moonglow' - 'Ac-cen-tchu-ate The Positive' - 'In The Mood') 1974
RCA DLP9-0100 I've Heard That Song Before
    ( 4 RCA/Bluebird cuts by the King Sisters: 'Mairzy Doats' - 'Nighty Night' - 'Ac-cen-tchu-ate The Positive' - ' Atchison, Topeka & The Santa Fe' ) 1975?
Golden Era 15002 Alvino Rey & His Orch. -A Drowsy Old Riff (3 Bluebird solo cuts by Alyce and Yvonne) 1976?
RCA/Custom RD4A-113 The Best Of The Swing Years (Readers Digest) (I cut: 'Tiger Rag') 1979
Joyce (Bootleg) 1139 Alvino Rey With The King Sisters 1980?
Joyce (Bootleg) 6023* The King Sisters -Big Band's Greatest Vocalists, Vol. 1 1980?
Joyce (Bootleg) 6034 The King Sisters -Big Band's Greatest Vocalists, Vol. 2 1980?
Ajazz (Bootleg) 515 King Sisters, Vol. 3, 1939-1940 1981?
Ajazz (Bootleg) 521 King Sisters, Vol. 4, 1939 1981?
Ajazz (Bootleg) 524 King Sisters, Vol. 5, 1941 1981?
Ajazz (Bootleg) 527 King Sisters, Vol. 6, 1942 1981?
Hindsight HSR-168 The Uncollected King Sisters 1947 1981
Hindsight HSR-196 Alvino Rey & His Orch. Vocals: The King Sisters 1983
    (Three cuts by the King Sisters: 'Stumbling', '12th St. Rag' and 'Ol' Rockin' Chair'. Two cuts by Yvonne King: 'So You're The One' and      'Nighty-Night'. One cut by Alyce King: 'Georgia On My Mind')
? ? Let's Put The Axe To The Axis - WWII Songs (1 cut by King Sisters- 'Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet') 1986?
Columbia P14101 Music-The Language Of Love(Readers' Digerst Compilation) ?
TeleHouse CD2035 The War Years (Readers' Digest Compilation) ?
RCA 082/A The Melodies Linger On (Readers' Digest Compilation) ?
? ? Stardust (Readers' Digest Compilation) ?

45 rpm singles

Jubilee 5187 No Chance /Love Me, Love Me, Love Me 1953?
Capitol F3594 In Hamburg / While The Lights Are Low 1957
Capitol British 14771 In Hamburg / While The Lights Are Low 1957
Capitol F3647 I'm Not Free//Sentimental 1957
Capitol F3713 You're My Thrill / Imagination 1957
Capitol (British) 14739 Imagination (Single-sided promo) 1957?
Capitol F3780 Easy To Love/That Old Feeling 1957
Capitol PRO 1476 Aloha Oe/ 12th St. Rag 1957
Capitol PRO 1477 Tempatation/My Blue Heaven 1957
Capitol F3933 Unbelievable/76 Trombones 1958
Capitol British F3933 Unbelievable/Deep Purple 1958
Capitol F4054 Autumn Time In Pleasant Grove/The Guy In The Foreign Sports Car 1958
Capitol British 4934 Autumn Time In Pleasant Grove/The Guy In The Foreign Sports Car 1958
Capitol F4099 Holiday Of Love/Over The River (w/King Family) 1958
Capitol British F4099 Holiday Of Love/(Over The River (w/King Family) 1958
Capitol 14893 What's New?/The Thrill Was New 1958
Capitol British 14893 What's New?/The Thrill Was New 1958
Capitol F4180 Keep Smilin'/The Maids Of Cadiz 1959
Capitol 4262 What Would I Do Without You/Lovin' Up A Storm 1959
Capitol 4310 Chree-See-Mus/Girls And Boys 1959
Capitol 6055 Imagination/Four Brothers 1959?

EP's (Extended Play 45)

Capitol 1477 'Baby, They're Singing Our Song' 1960 (May not exist.)

Compact Discs

Nipper's Greatest Hits -The 40's, Vol.1 - RCA CD-9855-2R (1 cut by King Sisters- 'The Hut-Sut Song') 1991
The Fabulous King Sisters Live At Tahoe - Alysa R-1002 - 1991?
The Words & Music of WWII - Columbia CZK-48516 (1 cut by King Sisters- 'My Sister And I') 1991
Capitol Sings: Duke Ellington - Capitol CDP 728106 (1 cut by King Sisters- 'Take The 'A' Train') 1992
Sentimental Journey/Capitol's Great Ladies - Capitol CDP 7980142 (1 cut by King Sisters- 'Take The 'A' Train') 1992
Capitol Sings: The Best Movie Songs - Capitol CDP 798475 (1 cut by King Sisters- 'Sweet Leilani') 1992
Christmas Fun Songs - Cema S21-57826 (1 cut by King sisters- 'Chree-see-mus') 1992
Alvino Rey & His Orch., By Request - Hindsight HCD249 (1 cut by King Sisters- 'Ol' Rockin' Chair') 1993
Capitol Sings: Around The World - Capitol CDP 780181 (1 cut by King Sisters- 'Aloha Oe') 1993
Kay Kyser & His Orch. - Songs of WWII - VJC 1042 (2 cuts by King Sisters- 'Carioca' /'I'll Be Seeing You') 1993
Missing You/Sentimental Songs of WWII - VJC 1049 (1 cut by King Sisters- 'Paper Doll') 1993
A Gene Autry Christmas - Legacy P116975?
   (1 cut by The Cass County Boys and The King Sisters 'Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town' ) 1994
Great Ladies Of Song/Spotlight On...The King Sisters - Capitol C4-31203 1995
The King Sisters - For You with Frank DeVol's Orchestra - Hindsight HCD-168
      (Made from 1947 transcriptions; CD copyright is 1995)
VE Day-A Musical Celebration - Conifer CDHD306 (I cut by King Sisters- 'Ferryboat Serenade') 1995
Alvino Rey and His Orchestra Featuring the King Sisters and Andy Russell - Collectors Choice Music CCM-010-2 - 1996
      King Sisters songs: "When The Roses Bloom Again," "If I Could Only Play a Concertina," "I Had The Craziest Dream," "Candy," "Laura," "For You," "I Surrender Dear," "Jersey Bounce," "Cash For Your Trash" (Vonnie Solo)
The King Sisters - Queens of Song - Jasmine JASCD 348
   (Made from 1947 transcriptions; CD copyright is 1999 [British import])


Horace Heidt and His Musical Knights featuring Alvino Rey and the King Sisters March 25, 1937 - Wave-Band Music WBM-108 - (1981?)
Alvino Rey and his Orchestra and The King Sisters -1949's Live In Hi-Fi - Wave Band WBM 122 - 1981?
The King Sisters - In The Mood - RCA CAK-929 1986
Kay Kyser 1943-44 - Imperfect C37 (1 cut by King Sisters- 'I'll Walk Alone') 1988
King Sisters & Alvino Rey · Classic Hits - Classic 800289 (1994?)
    Note: These are unauthorized bootleg recordings made from both their Capitol and RCA recordings. Three tracks, however, 'Swanee', 'It's A Great Day', and 'Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart' are '60s studio recordings from an undetermined source.
The King Sisters-Vol. 3 1939-40 - Joyce 515 (1981?)
The Uncollected King Sisters With Frank DeVol's Orchestra - Hindsight HSR-168 (1981)

Reference Disc:

WWJ Aircheck from Aug. 15, 1939 'Old Gold' Program, with Artie Shaw's Orchestra.
    (Features two songs by the Four King Sisters: , 'After You've Gone' and and untitled 'Indian Number'.)

With The King Family:


The King Family Show - Warner Bros. W 1601 (1965)
The King Family Album - Warner Bros. W 1613 (1965)
Christmas With The King Family - Warner Bros. WS 1627 (1965)
Christmas With The King Family - Light LS-5553-LP (Re-packaging of Warner Bros. Christmas LP) (1966)
Sunday With The King Family - Warner Bros. WS 1633 (1966)
Live! In The Round - Warner Bros. WS1660 (1966)
The Wonderful King Family - Harmony HS-11293 (1966)
A King Family Christmas - Mobil Custom FCLP 3031 (Re-packaging of Warner Bros. Christmas LP) (1967)
A King Family Christmas - Fleetwood FCLP 3038 (Re-packaging of Warner Bros. Christmas LP) (1967)
Fanny Farmer Presents The King Family Christmas Album - Fleetwood FCLP 3039 (Re-packaging of Warner Bros. Christmas LP) (1968)
Love At Home - Capitol T2352 (1969)
Our Favorite Things - Harmony HS11367 (1970)
Home For Christmas - Warner Bros. SQ95836 (Re-packaging of Warner Bros. Christmas LP) (1974 )
The King Family Sings Christmas - GRT 9DM1101 (Re-packaging of Warner Bros. Christmas LP) (1977)
The Great Songs Of Christmas (Various Artists) - Columbia CSS-388 (Year?)
America Sings (Various Artists) - Columbia 210608 (Year?)
America The Beautiful (Various Artists) - Harmony 30278 (Year?)
Home For Christmas With Symphonette/The King Family - Longines 95836 (Re-packaging of Warner Bros. Christmas LP) (Year?)


Warner Bros. 5647 The Sweetheart Tree/Amen 1965
Warner Bros. PRO 214 Sunrise, Sunset/Pass Me By 1965
Warner Bros. PRO 216 Hear The Sledges With The Bells/ Go Tell It On The Mountain 1966
Warner Bros 5869 Bill Bailey/The Men In My Little Girls' Life 1966?


Classic 1276 King Family, Volume Two · More Classic Hits 1993?
(Note: This is a bootleg recording of LPs 'The King Family Show' and 'Love At Home')


GoodTimes 8272 Christmas With The King Family (1964 TV Special) 1991

(Other Related Recordings:)

Yvonne King: (45)
   KEM HBR 108-9 There's A Rising Moon/Sleepy Baby (Frank DeVol Orch.) 195?

The King Cousins: (45)
   Warner Bros. 5678 Just One Smile/Today I'm In Love 1965

The Four King Cousins: (LPs)
   Capitol ST2990 Introducing The Four King Cousins 1969
   ? SLN2771/SLN2871 Sounds Like The Navy - Featuring The Four King Cousins 1971

Alyce King: (LP)
   Ranwood R8093 A Time For Love 1971

Marilyn King: (LP's)
   RCA/Custom RD4-117-6 Readers Digest Presents 'Remember'
   (6 cuts:: A-Tisket, A-Tasket - Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree - Cow-Cow Boogie
   I Don't Know Enough About You - Manana - 'Til There Was You) 1972

Marilyn King: (45)
   CMI CMI-101 What Can I Do For You / The Me That I Am 1974

An excellent Compact Disc of 1950's King Sisters recordings, The Fabulous King Sisters Live At Tahoe! is available
for $17 post-paid by mail order by writing to Alvino Rey's private label, Alysa Records, Box 321, Sandy, UT, 84091.

Luise King Rey's book on the King Sisters, Those Swinging Years is also available from
the same address for $12 (softcover), and $17 (hardcover), both post-paid.



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