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Man, I DO love a good album cover!

I'm a sucker for a bizarre LP cover, a great cheesecake cover or something that just plain is so cool that you know you'll never see it again. I have to snap these up. Partly because I want to archive as many of these kinds of covers as I can, before they disappear forever. They don't make 'em anymore, you know. The other reason is that these big 12" X 12" pieces of art really are just that -- art.

It's a crying shame that those little CD covers will never have this kind of impact.

In the back of my mind, I'd someday like to put out a coffee table-style book of the greatest and strangest LP covers that ever were. But that's probably where the idea for such a book will stay -- in the back of my mind! So, why not post some of my favorites here on the internet?? Everyone else does!! There are actually a few books out there on album cover art, but none that really "sock it to me."

Most are from my own collection, but a few came from collections of friends...
(Please forgive me, if I can't recall just who the "extras" came from!)

Here are some examples of the kinds of covers that ring my chimes...

Let's start with a little cheese --- cheesecake, that is!
(Click on any cover, a closer look....)

Cheesecake segues right into Dance Covers.
After all, you need girls if you're gonna dance, right? Well, at least in MY neighborhood!

There's something about an ELECTRIC ORGAN that seemed to get
the Art Director's at the record companies' creative juices flowing...

Speaking of Art Directors, here are some covers that probably got a few guys fired!
What WERE they smoking that day??

Then again, here are some covers that I'd love to CONGRATULATE each art director for!

I collect CLOWN covers.
Why? I really don't know! I just find them bizarre.

(Thanks , Pastor McPurvis! -->)(<--Thanks, Mark Geary for this one!)

Here's my favorite kind of album cover...
Welcome to the horrifying world of BAD album cover art!
Warning! You may never want to set foot into a used record store again!

Just plain strange!:

And now,
the pièce de résistance!
My most prized LP covers! Hope you enjoy these gems!

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