Irene Kral with The Tattle-Tales:
45: "Far Away"/ "Boolya Botten Booten Baby Huh!" Columbia 4-40349        (1954)
45: "No! Not A Single Regret" / "I'll Never Smile Again " Columbia 4-40393 (1954)
45: "Who Put The 'Ungh' In Mambo" / "Vieni Qui" Columbia 4-40326         (1954)

Maynard Ferguson
LP: Boy With Lots of Brass EmArcy MG-36114    (1957)
    Features Irene Kral, vocals on 4 tracks

LP?: Sessions Live Various Artists Calliope 3022 (1958?)
Recorded October 27, 1958 Unknown, whether this is a CD or LP
   (Two tracks with Irene Kral: "Sometimes I'm Happy'," "Detour Ahead")

As Irene Kral:
LP: SteveIreneo! United Artists UAL 3052 (1959)
LP: The Band And I United Artists UAS 5016 (1959)
LP: Some Like It Cool Various Artists United Artists SX-71 (1959)
   (Includes 1 cut by Irene Kral: "I'd Know You Anywhere")

LP: Better Than Anything DRG DRG 6505 (1963)
CD: Better Than Anything Ava AS 33 (CD-Reissue) (1990)
CD: Better Than Anything Fresh Sound FSR-CD69 (CD-Reissue) (1989)

Shelly Manne:
LP: My Fair Lady Swings Capitol ST 2173 (1964)
LP: My Fair Lady Swings Tall Tree TT 6003 (re-issue) (1984)
   (Features Irene Kral,vocals on 4 tracks)

Laurindo Almeida
LP: Guitar From Ipanema Capitol T 2197 (1964)
   Features Irene Kral, vocals on 2 tracks

Irene Kral:
LP: Wonderful Life Mainstream S 6058 (1965)

Soundtrack: Irene Kral, vocal on 1 cut only: "The Shining Sea"
LP: The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! United Artists UAS-5142 (1966)

Dave Remington Big Band
LP: Chicago Shouts! Universal 76835S (1968)
   Features Irene Kral on 3 tracks

Irene Kral:
45: "Benjamin"/"Straight Ahead"   Nocturn Records NR-1908-AA  (1974?)

Irene Kral:
LP: Where Is Love? Choice CRS 1012 (1975)
CD: Where Is Love? Candid Choice CHCD71012 (CD Reissue) (1996)
LP: Kral Space Catalyst CAT 7625 (1977)
CD: Kral Space VeeJay/Collectables COL-CD-7160 (CD Reissue) (2000)
LP: Angel Eyes Trio PAP9104 (previously rel. material) (1977)
LP: Gentle Rain Choice CRS 1020 (1978)
LP: There Is No Right Way Koala 14171(prev. rel. material) (1979)
LP: Women in Jazz Inner City (number?) (1979)
     Various Artsts, including Irene Kral

Shelly Manne
CD: A Night On The Coast Moon 008 (1989)
   Features Irene Kral, vocals on 1 track: 'Forgettable', recorded in 1962

Buddy Collette
CD: The Buddy Collette Quintet Studio West 104CD CD only (1990)
Recorded in 1962 for US Navy Recruiting radio program "The Navy Swings"
Irene Kral is guest vocalist on 6 cuts.

CD: Either Side of Midnight Charly Records 8058-2 2-CD set (1984)
   Various artists compilation featuring Irene Kral on one cut: "Star Eyes"

Irene Kral:
CD: Angel Eyes - Live In Tokyo TDK TDCN-5143 CD import (1994)
Live material from 1977

Film Soundtrack
CD: The Bridges Of Madison Cou nty (Soundtrack) WB/Malpaso 9-45942-2 (1995)
   1 cut by Irene Kral: 'This Is Always', rec: 1963

Irene Kral:
CD: Irene Kral Live Just Jazz JJCD-1002 CD only (1995)
   Live material from 1977, Half Moon Bay, CA

Terry Gibbs Dream Band
CD: Volume 6 One More Time Fantasy/Contemporary CCD-7658-2 (released 2002)
Features Irene Kral on 3 tracks (recorded November 1959)
She sings "Sometimes I'm Happy," "Moonlight In Vermont," and "Lover, Come Back To Me."

Irene Kral:
CD: Lady of Lavender Jazzwest JWS-2003 CD only (1998)
   Five tunes from live performance from unknown club, probably mid-'70s
   Eight studio recordings, taken from sometime in the '70s

Irene Kral:
CD: You Are There Audiophile ACD-299 CD only (1999)
   Live radio performances from 1977, taken from NPR's American Popular Song series

CD: Jazz Masters Rajon ? 3-CD set (1991)
   Various artists compilation featuring Irene Kral on one cut: "Star Eyes"

CD: Just For Now Jazzed Media CD JM1003 (2004)
Recorded live in San Diego, California, June 1975 with Mike Wofford, Bob Magnusson, and Tony Marillo

CD: Irene Kral: Second Chance (Jazzed Media JM149 (2011)
Recorded live in Studio City, California in 197, featauring the Alan Broadbent Trio..

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