JJP with good friend, Remco Schuurbiers, 2009

Sept. 7th 2007:

Patricia and Jean-Jacques with Otis Fodder of the Bran Flakes, 2006, San Francisco

Ondioline inventor Georges Jenny (L) with Jean-Jacques' parents, circa 1959

Jean Jacques with daughter (and manager) Patricia, September, 2005

Jean Jacques and Patricia, August, 2005

My good friend and Guitar Magician, Vinnie Bell. Vinnie played on all my Vanguard albums.
I consider him not just a "session player", but a musical PARTNER of mine!

Jean Jacques with his family, (L to R: Florian, Roland and daughter Patricia)

"Eclektronics" collaborators: David Chazam and Jean Jacques Perrey


Visiting Disneyland Paris with friend David Fremery


With Ronny from Disneyland


Jean Jacques with Vasile Sirli, music composer at EuroDisneyland Resort, and his assistant Estelle Champeau

Jean Jacques, with webmaster, and collaborator Dana Countryman, July 2003