New JJP "Life, Laughter, and Loops" DVD is finally OUT!
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Video and Media wizard Mal Meehan has been working on this DVD project over the last two years,
interviewing Jean-Jacques in England, France, and capturing JJ live onstage
in Germany and Norway, with music partner Dana Countryman.
The DVD is now finally coming out!

September 6th & 7th, 2007
JJP Lecture and Concert in Stavanger, Norway
at NuMusic Festival. Info
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I'm happy to report that my good friend Otis Fodder has agreed
to manage a new MySpace page for me!
Thank you, Otis!


Read an article on Jean-Jacques from
France's Liberation newspaper
(Article is in French)

Listen HERE to the Disneyland™ Podcast,
featuring Jean-Jacques! Find out how the
Main Street Electrical Parade got its theme!

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Available in stores everywhere, including Virgin,,
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I am happy to announce that I have a new manager: my wonderful daughter Patricia.
Patricia is a brilliant businesswoman, and keeps me organized.
If you are interested in booking concerts, lectures,
or to license any of my music, please contact Patricia Leroy

7/13/06 UPDATE:
The release date of my new CD, "The Happy Electropop Music Machine"
has been rescheduled by Oglio Records to
September 25th.

6/7/06 site for Jean Jacques!
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JJ and Dana have signed an exclusive recording contract with Oglio Records.
The new CD is finally mixed and it was mastered by Rick Fisher of RFI/CD Mastering,
It is scheduled to be released on September 25th, 2006.

The CD is called

More info here..

4/14/06  Live Concert DVD coming! Video wizard Mal Meehan is currently editing Perrey and Countryman's recent performance in Berlin, Germany, and will make it available on DVD before the year's end!
Mal to be put on the mailing list for this limited edition DVD.

4/8/06 Jean Jacques and Dana are on the verge of being signed to a great American record label for their upcoming CD. More info as it develops! Also, concert dates are currently being firmed up for Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. This should all happen during the last week of August, 2006!

Jean Jacques is featured in a section of this fantastic book by Mark Brend.
The book explains in great detail many rare musical instruments, including the Ondioline. Best of all, the book includes a CD, which features many sound examples of the instruments discussed in the book!

Jean Jacques loves this book and thinks you will, too!

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2/16/06 - Rare JJP album sells for almost $1000 on Ebay! 

CD Project Update

(Click on above photo for high resolution version.) (Photo credit: Mark Griswold)

My New CD collaboration:
I'm happy to report that my progress on the new CD with Dana Countryman is going well!
We are working very hard in the recording studio, and are currently bringing
in some extra musicians to add some nice touches to the tunes.

We are currently talking to a label for this project, which includes
10 new Perrey/Countryman compositons, as well as 4 tunes from other composers.
Dana and I plan to have the new CD out by August of 2006. Everything is on schedule!

- Jean Jacques

Dr. Robert Moog
1934 - 2005
I'm very sad to report that my friend, Bob Moog, genius-inventor of the Moog synthesizer, passed away on August 21st, 2005.

Without his amazing instrument, I certainly could not have achieved all the success I have had with my music, and I will be forever grateful for his contribution to popular music, and in helping me set up my Moog in my NYC studio, back in the '60s.

Rest well, Bob.

- Jean Jacques

Bob Moog's Caring Page






Aug. 2005: Update on the new CD!

Jean Jacques' next CD will be a collaboration with long-time pal, Dana Countryman. The CD will to be called: THE HAPPY ELECTROPOP MUSIC MACHINE. Perrey and Countryman have co-written 10 new tunes for the CD, as well as adding 5 more tunes by other composers.

In early September, they will be in the studio, hard at work at recording the CD, which is planned for release in early 2006. Guest musicians (so far) include Dick Hyman and Vinnie Bell. Artist Joe Lacey is creating fantastic science fiction artwork for the CD.


More info and short mp3 samples can be found here.


September, 2004:
Hollywood Records has released MOOG, the CD soundtrack to Hans Fjellstad's documentary about Robert Moog and his Moog synthesizer. Jean Jacques is interviewed in the documenaty, and on the CD no less that THREE JJP songs are featured! (More than any other artist.)

More information about the CD can be found here, and you can order a copy directly here.

The Moog movie will be playing select theatres staring September 24th, 2004.
Check to see if it's coming to your area by going to this site.

June, 23rd, 2004: More Photos Added: More photos of JJ's Aberdeen, Scotland lecture have been added here.

May, 2004: JJP VIDEO ON!: Thanks to Mal Meehan, you can now view a video of Jean Jacques giving his lecture in Scotland. You can "stream" the video with Windows Media, or download the file and view with Quicktime. Thanks, Mal! Go to the video page.

MOOG - A documentary from filmaker Hans Fjellestad. This feature documentary film ­ by filmmaker/musician Hans Fjellestad and the producer team behind Frontier Life (2003) ­ explores Moog's collaborations with musicians over the years, and his ideas about creativity, design, interactivity and spirituality. The film is currently shooting on location in Asheville, N.C., New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and London, featuring appearances by Walter Sear, Gershon Kinsgley, Jean-Jacques Perrey, DJ Spooky, Herb Deutsch, Pamelia Kurstin, Charlie Clouser, Money Mark, Page Hamilton, and an eclectic mix of performers.

Artists such as Stereolab, N.E.R.D., Devo, Meat Beat Manifesto, Tortoise, DJ Spooky, Money Mark, Luke Vibert & Jean-Jacques Perrey, 33, Moog Cookbook, Plastiq Phantom, Brian Emrich, Junky XL with Gary Numan, The Album Leaf, Bernie Worrell, Pete Devriese, Bostich, Charlie Clouser, Baiyon, Suzanne Ciani, Gershon Kingsley, Electric Skychurch and others are contributing original music produced on Moog instruments for the soundtrack.

(click on poster for larger view)

Summer, 2003-Winter, 2004: Jean Jacques Perrey's music has been heard in hundreds of commercials. Currently, his tune "E.V.A." can be heard in the Zelnorm commercial. Zelnorm is a women's irritable bowel syndrome medicine. If you've seen this commercial, it's hard to forget. It features various 30-something aged women, lifting the bottoms of their shirts to reveal different words. What a concept!



A note from Dana Countryman, former editor/publisher for Cool and Strange Music Magazine:

Winter, 2004: "I am currently working on a book on Jean Jacques' life and amazing music. I've already interviewed Mssr. Perrey for a week, while at his home in Europe in the summer of 2003. I have also interviewed his daughter Patricia in her home in Switzerland, and I'm in the process of interviewing many of his friends and musical associates here in America, including Vinnie Bell, Gershon Kingsley, Angelo Badalameni, Lisa Haugen-Davis, David Chazam, Billy Mure, Jack Diamond, Vic Vale and many others. More info on this, as it develops."

If you have contact info for other people that Jean Jacques has worked with, please e-mail: