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Intro to Pop3!

Every Kiss Reminds Me Of You, (featuring Dee Long, guitar)

Run Back Into My Arms, (featuring Scott Bennett, guitar)

Can't Get You Out Of My Mind, (featuring Joe Doria, Hammond B-3 organ)

Nice Shot (Straight To the Heart)

Don't You Know You'll Break My Heart, (featuring Matt Tyson, vocal)

All You Need To Say, (featuring Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.)

Twenty-Four Hours With You

There Goes My Heart Again, (featuring Scott McPherson, guitar)

Shari Girl / You'll Always Be A Baby To Me

That's When I Knew

Don't Wanna Lose You, (featuring Probyn Gregory, horns)

Outro to Pop3!

Christmas All Over The World, (featuring John Hunter Phillips and Tricia Countryman)

What If?