Vinnie and Bucky Pizzarelli perform at a Les Paul's 88th birthday party (1998)


"The Guitar Mafia" - by Chris Lentz (1998)
Vinnie Bell, Al Caiola, "Bucky " Pizzarelli,  Les Paul and Tony Mottola.

Vinnie, John Pisano and Tony Mottota


Vinnie's and Bonnie's Wedding Day
July 28th, 2006

Vinnie, the blushing bride catches the bridal bouquet.

Bonnie and Vinnie on their wedding day!

Vinnie holding his invention, the Coral Electric Sitar


Vinnie signs the Electric Sitar for a fan.


Vinnie, the man-about-town at the Erie Canal Museum.

Vinnie, in his finest stovepipe hat!
Another photo snapped by Bonnie at the Erie Canal Museum.


Vinnie, in the studio with dear friend, the late Gene Pitney (1941-2006)
(Click for hi-resolution photo.)

Vinnie, with Paulo Cezar, an excellent Brazilian bassist, 1981.
Paulo calls Vinnie "The Don Corleone of the guitar"!

Yes, that's VINNIE! So, what's with the turban?
Click and find out...

The earliest known photo of Vinnie at the guitar
(L to R:) Drummer (unknown), Stanley Bonanno on guitar, his little brother (admiring him), Bobby Milano, accordian, (Keely Smith's husband of twenty-seven years - and a GREAT SINGER! ), and on the right, Mr. Vincent Bell, aged 15.

T. J. McGann, Studio Pro guitarist Vinnie Bell, & Master-luthier Bob Benedetto,
signing "Benedetto" guitar backs holding signatures of well-known guitarists.
"Vinnie considers Bob Benedetto,the greatest living luthier"!

Tony Mottola, my guitar mentor, teacher and most profound musical influence.
Please click on the image above to see the whole photo, with Tony's kind inscription to me.

Vinnie, with webmaster and buddy Dana Countryman, Nov., 2004
(We'd been up for 4 days, just back from a recording session for one of Dana's tunes, when this picture was taken!)

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