What's the heck's new in Dana's World??

June 20th, 2007 Update:
Here we go again.... Well, I'll remember to update this when I remember!
Jean-Jacques and I continue to write new songs for our upcoming CD. I think we have about 10 or so, by now.
The CD will be a little less happy than HEMM, and a bit more on the mysterious side,
but always keeping Jean-Jacques' trademark style

Meanwhile, I am currently trying to help my friend, the legendary studio guitarist, Vinnie Bell
get some of this albums from the '60s released on CD. Amazingly, nothing of Vinnie's has been
reissued in the CD format, and his albums are fantastic! I'm sending out a query to a choice CD label...

Getting back to Jean-Jacques, it looks like we will be doing concerts in Norway and Germany in September.
More info, as this deveiops!

Our hunt for a book publisher for Troll's Story has been frustrating, so far. Every publisher we've contacted
won't even allow us to submit our manuscript and music to them! It's dumbfounding to me, that they
aren't open to even letting us approach them. Amazing!

Well, our next approach is to appeal directly to JJ's many fans - especially any of YOU who actually
work in the book publishing business.
How would YOU like to help publish a book, with a specially-recorded
CD as part of the package, created by Jean-Jacques Perrey??
Go here for more info.

April 18th, 2007 Update:
Ooh, I've kind of forgotten to update this, in quite a while, it seems!

Well, I did spend most of January, working on the "Troll's Story", as mentioned below. I've just recently sent it out to about 12 children's book publishers, so we'll see what happens...

February - March were spent, working on several new songs. Two of the new songs are for my long-suffering solo album,
and another song is reserved for my next CD with Jean-Jacques. I was just in the studio,
with our drummer Rick Bowen, who (as always) played really well on all the new tracks.
The new song for our Perrey - Countryman CD is in the science fiction vein. I don't want to give away too much, but rest assured
that there are some BIG surprises, regarding this song. We're trying a new trick, in recording, that I'm not aware ANYONE has really tried before... So there's your teaser.

Jean-Jacques is currently heading towards Russia, where he will be doing two concerts with our good friend, David Chazam. I wasn't able to go, due to scheduling conflicts.... Waaaa.


Jan. 20th, 2007 Update:

I am working hard, doing serious research into finding appropriate children's books publishers for "Troll's Story".
I sent out links to the material to many of my "connected" friends, who have either publisher books themselves, or
have working in publishing. A few have written back with possible publishers.
Hopefully, one of them (may YOU?) can direct us to the perfect place.
If you would like to listen to the audio for Troll's Story, or read the text, pop me a note here.

1.18.06 "Troll's Story" - The Narrated Version

My wife Tricia came up with the idea to do a narrated version of the children's story that Jean-Jacques and I wrote
for "The Happy Electropop Music Machine" called "Troll's Story." The narrated version is now done, and Tricia
did a wonderful job with it. Now, Jean-Jacques and I are shopping "Troll's Story" to children's book publishers,
as an illustrated children's book, complete with a CD that includes the narration and original music.

If you know of a publisher that you think may be interested, and if you have contacts there,
please let us know here.


I am currently working on a new track for my unfinished solo CD. "MOOG-Tastic!", which I hope to release
sometime in 2007. The new track is a fast piece by Beethoven, so it will be a stretch for someone (me), who has never
recorded any classical music before! Rest assured, it will not be the USUAL thing! (Duh!)

I had almost finished my solo CD, when Jean-Jacques Perrey and I decided to work together on a
collaborative CD ("The Happy Electropop Music Machine".) JJ and I had already collaborated on 4 tracks for
"MOOG-Tastic!", so we "stole" them for HEMM.

Now that HEMM is out, I really need to record a few more tracks for "MOOG-Tastic!" and get it out there.
Some of the finished tracks go back as far as 2002 (!!) I have seven complete tracks for "MOOG-Tastic!" already
in the can.

Thank you to everyone who keeps e-mailing me about this project. If you send me a note here,
I will put you on the mailing list, and let you know when "MOOG-Tastic!" has been released.


The Jean-Jacques Perrey Book

I have been working on a biography of Jean-Jacques for several years now, although my work on it has basically been to
gather interviews with his friends, family and associates. Come January 1st, I will be working ONLY on the book, and have
reserved Jan-May of 2007 to concentrate on the book. I will be looking for a publisher at that time, so if you have any ideas
for a publisher, please let me know here.

The next Jean-Jacques Perrey - Dana Countryman CD Project

JJ and I have already been writing new tunes for our next duo project, and plan to start recording the CD next June, when I am done writing
his biography. We have already written about 6 or 7 original tunes for the project, although none of them are finished yet.
JJ and I plan to have the CD out in 2008.

More chat soon...!