Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman's

August 28th, 2006 - Analogue Haven, Pomona, CA
Perrey and Countryman performed a "mini-set" of songs from the new CD
at Analogue Haven, a great store in Pomona that sells ONLY synthesizers
and related equipment. A beautiful store, and great staff!

JJ and Dana perform a number from "The Happy Electropop Music Machine."
Photo by Matthew Countryman.


What other stores carry Bob Moog dolls!??!
Photo by Matthew Countryman.

One of the back rooms at Analogue Haven.

The Modcan synthesizer, manufactured in Canada.

Scotland's "Macbeth" synthesizer, with France's "French Connection" keyboard in the foreground.

Dana and Tricia Countryman relax under the store's Moog clock!
Photo by Matthew Countryman.

Three creative minds in person: L to R: Jean-Jacques, CD cover artist Joe Lacey, and Dana
(Photo: Darlene Waddington)

Analogue Haven staff members Antonio and Andrew.
Store owners Shawn Cleary and Chuck Oken, Jr. are not pictured. (Thanks, guys!)

Matthew Countryman tries out the Moog Etherwave theremin.

Dana and JJ chat after the performance.
Photo by Darlene Waddington.

On the The Knitting Factory in Hollywood for our final show!