Jean-Jacques Perrey tune used on Fantasy Football TV commercial!



Watch an entire concert of JJP and CD
from New York City, from Oct. 2008!
Two parts: each about 30 minutes long!


Two very RARE performances of Jean-Jacques Perrey on "I've Got A Secret"



Jean-Jacques' story on DVD: 

Contains interview, concert footage and special features!

Contains complete documentary in French with English subtitles!





TacoMaco (August, 2009) (March, 2009)

Musique Machine (January, 2009)

All Music Review

Good New Music (November, 2008)

75 or Less (November, 2008)

INK 19 (December, 2008)


  Read the press release for "Destination Space" HERE

Hear a PODCAST about the new "Destination Space" CD HERE

Visit my MYSPACE, and hear three complete songs from the CD

Hear a PODCAST about "The Happy Electropop Music Machine!" CD HERE

Watch the ZELNORM commercial from 2004,
which features JJ's "E.V.A." music!

March, 2008 article in


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Read and listen to Jean-Jacques Perrey's and Dana Countryman's children's story:

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